Travelling in Shift


A Shift Dress are the most comfortable and versatile dress I have ever found. I could look casual, dressed up or even formal in a shift dress just by putting on a couple of different accessories and putting on a different pair of shoes.

Here you see me in my favourite springtime floral shift dress, the material is a thicker foamy material so it doesn’t show any of my fatty bumps but still give lets me show off my figure as I like to wear something that is more fitting to my body, even if it is a shift dress, making it look more like a sheath dress (For those confused: A shift & sheath dress is almost the same except that a sheath dress is more body hugging compared to a shift dress.)

The cost of this look:

  • Sunglasses: RM200
    Invest in something that can protect your eyes better when you are travelling, UV is a dangerous thing since we would mostly be spending our days outdoor walking around.
    I bought mine from Vision Space, SS2, Petaling Jaya as they do give excellent after sales service (free cleaning and simple repairing) and they seem much more professional than other shops I have visited.
  • Dress: RM89
    Depending on the brand, a simple shift dress can even go up to RM200, but you can always have a few different materials for different occasions, just need to make sure the material is not too flimsy as to be unflattering to your body and not too heavy as to be uncomfortable to wear. I personally like bright colored ones for vacations as it doesn’t absorb the heat from the sun as easily and looks totally awesome in photographs.
  • Casual Sling Bag: RM49
    You will need a sling bag to make it easier for your to keep your hands free for shopping and other things.
    You would also want to find something with enough compartments to keep different currencies separated and your passport safely tucked away.
    Depending on the country I visit I do sometimes try to bring clothes with more pockets and a hidden pouch to keep the important things closer to me.
    This bag is sold at I Can’t Sew boutique at Pop@Jaya One, Petaling Jaya.
    Naturally I got it for free as I happen to be the co-founder of I Can’t Sew. Perks of life.
    But I love this bag as it has enough space for my sunnies, a small bottle of water and even a light scarf without being too bulky and the slightly pinkish nude colour makes it easy to match my different outfits.
  • Comfortable Slippers: RM69
    This one I got at Samba Footwear at Sunway Pyramid & I absolutely love it. I wear this pair of slippers everywhere now as it is so convenient, comfortable and still looks presentable. Not like the toilet slippers I previously had which was only worthy for beach vacations.
  • Simple Accessories: RM20
    I got these street costume jewellery for RM10 each and I think accessorising makes a world of difference and the correct accessories could make a normal drabby outfit look chic and stylish. You can always look out for bazaars or street stalls which you can buy a few statement rings and bracelets for RM10-50.
    Plusify & I Can’t Sew does have some accessories, at our daily booth at POP@Jaya One as well, if you are shopping for a full outfit. 🙂


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