The Casual Flair


What is more fun & casual than a flowy flare dress?

If you want to go out on a brunch date with your girlfriends and look effortlessly fashionable, then a printed flare dress is the way to go as you won’t even need to accessorise and still look good.
I love how a flowy flare dress can make a woman feel feminine and empowered at the same time, bringing back memories of being a little princess and knowing you are woman enough to make the dress look fabulous.

You can also show your personality through colours and prints with a flare dress, as it is more forgiving compared to a body hugging piece. Do choose something suitable for the weather if you are heading out and remember a flare dress might not be such a good idea if you are going to somewhere with unforgiving winds.
Otherwise, a printed flare dress will be great for a cafe date or shopping mall outing.

The cost of this look:

  • Dress: RM84
    This flare dress comes in so many colours and patterns that I have a hard time choosing which I want to keep for myself. I finally decided on the butterfly as I have never seen anything else quite like it. You can get this dress from our website too. While stocks last.
  • Casual Sling Bag: RM129
    This is a real leather bucket bag that I bought at a shop in Thailand, thus no brand. I wouldn’t even be able to tell you the shop name if I wanted to.. I just can’t remember.
    I believe its a Saint Laurent look-a-like, if you are looking for a branded bag like this.
  • Black Platform Heels: RM69
    I usually don’t like to wear heels if I know I have to walk comfortably with my friends, but this black heels I bought from Opera, Paradigm Mall, is so comfortable. It is made out of canvas cloth that doesn’t cut into my legs and also thick wooden heels that helps me balance instead of those thin killer heels that will usually kill me.
  • Simple Accessories: RM20
    I just wore a bracelet for this outfit as it didn’t need much in terms of adding colour as the prints were already helping me make a statement.