Rhinestone Glam


To be honest, I am never a fan of rhinestones sewn onto my clothes, as it can be so easily tacky and cheap. But I do have a couple in my closet that I think was done just nice to look…. good.

I have one black top I bought from Nichii which I absolutely adore which had assorted rhinestones only at one side of the shoulder. So chic.
I have never been attracted to any other rhinestone pieces, except for this pretty dress! As you can see the dress is decorated with clean rhinestones, giving the dress a look of being a premium piece instead of it being thrown into a rhinestone washing machine and coming out with 10 different coloured stuff stuck to it at weird places.

So my advice with rhinestones is to keep it classy. 1 to 2 colours (different shades is a nice touch if done correctly) and judge it by asking, will Kate Middleton wear this or will it overpower her tiara?

Keep it classy, girls!

The cost of this look:

  • Dress: RM129
    The blue is my favourite if all the shades as it gives off a demin look. But I opted to keep the purple as I am a girl of colour and I do need to keep up my image.
    On hindsight, I might keep the blue piece for myself too… I hope there is still stock left with my size.
    SONY DSCCheck it out! Doesn’t it look just absolutely amazing? I know I am tooting my own horn, but girl.. I have taste!
  • Classy heels: RM89
    Another pair of heels I got from Opera… what to say, I am probably their biggest fan. They have only dissapointed me once.. by not having a platform heel in hot chilli red when I was looking for a wedding shoe, as I wanted something hot and comfortable at the same time.
    This particular pair is a velvet pleat heel, simple and clean that I can wear if I am need something I can feel comfortable in and still look formal.
  • Clutch Bag: RM39
    I actually took this shot while walking around and left my bag with my friend. But you can find a more statement clutch for this piece as it is so simple and modern, plus you won’t have a statement necklace due to the rhinestones, you can make a statement with you clutch instead.
    However I decided to choose something more toned down to balance out the loudness of my dress colour, so as to not look like a crazy prancing rainbow of spotlight colours.
    I chose a faux crocodile skin clutch that matched my shoes. Yes I have decided to keep all 3 colours for myself, if you notice from the previous post.
  • Costume Jewelry: RM89 + RM20
    I need more bracelets or bangles as I couldn’t find anything suitable for this dress in my closet. I am usually a necklace and earring person. So I opted for a simple pearl-chain watch as I felt empty not wearing accessories even though the dress did not need anything since it was already bling-ed up.
    I also put on a pair of classic pearl earrings to match my bracelet-watch.