Pink Princess


This is one of my favourite go to looks for special functions as the a coral pink flair dress enables me to easily look all dressed up like a princess! The heavy thick material makes the dress flows more flatteringly on me.

The cost of this look:

  • Accessories to make an outfit look awesome!
  • Dress: RM129
    This is a dior inspired dress with double lining that gives the flair bottom extra volume. The dress also cuts off at my lower waist so it makes my body looks longer, however the long skirt which cuts off Β quite low below my knees, so I have to wear a super high heels.
  • Accessories: RM39 + RM29
    I put on a studded hairband with this dress as I wanted to feel even more feminine. Makes me feel like I am wearing a tiara! Happy Happy Princess.
    I have also put on a beige belt with this dress to put emphasis on my waist and give me the visual of an hourglass figure.
  • Nude pumps: RM49
    I wore my Taiwan bought nude pumps again, which is comfortable enough to last me the whole night despite the heigh.
    Remember to choose the correct tone of nude to match your skin tone though, as if you darker skin, a light nude might make your legs shorter instead of elongating your legs.
  • Clutch Bag: RM39
    I chose a faux crocodile skin clutch that matched my dress. Yes I have decided to keep all 3 colours for myself, if you notice from the previous post.


  1. November 23, 2015 by Jessytheklchic Reply

    Pretty in pink. Love how you match this outfit with a hairband. Very few people can pull off this look, bet this would be a good look for a garden wedding or a tea time weekend with the girls πŸ˜€

  2. November 23, 2015 by Kylie cre8tone Reply

    Nice pink princessy dress!~ Looking great!~

  3. November 23, 2015 by sherry Reply

    wow nice dress, looks good on you.
    wow many new dresses shall check out the web soon.

  4. November 23, 2015 by Tamanna I. Reply

    Absolutely love how the dress look on you, perfect fitting and color pretty!

    do drop by… GreenStory

  5. November 23, 2015 by Miriam Reply

    You look really pretty! Too bad I wasn’t in town to attend plusify anniversary. The dresses look amazing

  6. November 23, 2015 by Emily Reply

    Lovely dress and you matched it really well. If you throw on a shawl, you can even wear it for a night out!

  7. November 23, 2015 by Fish Reply

    I also prefer good quality dresses with heavier lining at the bottom to make it look more flowy πŸ™‚ this sweet color looks great on u btw!

  8. November 23, 2015 by Adeline Reply

    This dress looks good on you. I like this pink. πŸ˜›

  9. November 23, 2015 by Renae Teo Reply

    Love the dress! And you paired it nicely with nude pumps. Nice ensemble πŸ™‚

  10. November 23, 2015 by Sin Yee Reply

    The dress is so beautiful. You are so gorgeous my dear~

  11. November 23, 2015 by Arisa Reply

    I agree with the 2 colour combo, if to wear more than that would be quite tricky to pull off unless it’s patterned. Great advice on the nude shoes, but there are also types of shoe designs plays an important role to elongate your leges

  12. November 24, 2015 by Miera Nadhirah Reply

    Looking so pretty and classy….. Great choice there… Is there other colours for that dress?

  13. November 24, 2015 by Rawlins GLAM Reply

    Great look and chic. Love your combination as it exudes confidence.

  14. November 24, 2015 by Jane Reply

    Cheryn, you looks beautiful in your pink colour dress. It suits you well.

  15. November 24, 2015 by Selina Ooi Reply

    You are beautiful, dear! Cute pink dress πŸ˜‰ You always be sweet and cute! Don’t let you feel look down ya! Believe yourself. Great. I am Deaf who always be special πŸ˜‰

  16. November 24, 2015 by Hui Ying Reply

    Wow…you look great in this dress!!! I like this colour!!

  17. November 24, 2015 by siawsiaw life Reply

    Absolutely love <3 <3 so pretty and cute !

  18. November 24, 2015 by Sunshine Kelly Reply

    I am so proud of you. Congrats on your new Plusify. You look gorgeous Pink Princess.

  19. November 24, 2015 by Isaac Tan Reply

    beautiful! love how the dress looks so naturally pretty on you.

  20. November 24, 2015 by Cecilia Reply

    The combination of the colour just so sweet! I like it!

  21. November 24, 2015 by siennylovesdrawing Reply

    you look gorgeous in this lovely pink dress πŸ™‚ thumbs up!
    cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  22. November 24, 2015 by Linda Reply

    Nice dress. It looks really good on you.

  23. November 25, 2015 by Sharon Lee Reply

    Wow you looks so pretty and elegant! Color looks so harmony and comfortable to look at =D

  24. November 25, 2015 by Leona Reply

    this dress is seriously sweet on you, i bet you turn heads when you walk about.

  25. November 25, 2015 by Ivy Kam Reply

    Nice color coordination, the pastel tone made you look so feminine πŸ™‚

  26. November 26, 2015 by Anfieldyee Reply

    Very pretty!! It suits for dinner functions πŸ™‚

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