Ode to Raya


Having Hari Raya (A Muslim festival of Eid fior Malaysia) just passed, there were alot of Raya events to attend & I happen to have  limited amount of Baju Kurungs and do not want to look the same in all my photos, so I decided to go alot more formal but still a tinge of Raya themed for my meeting with some business associates for a Raya Luncheon.

I choose the longest formal skirt I had, and also a beaded long sleeve top to give it the Raya vibe.

The cost of this look:

  • Top: RM59
    This beaded blouse comes in 4 different size and 4 different colour, unfortunately, the one I am wearing is the biggest size I have (UK16 size).
  • Stretchable Midi Skirt: RM89
    I got this awesome stretchable skirt from a Ms. Read clearance sale in Mines Wonderland.
    It is super comfortable and straight away makes my look so formal. The only downside to this skirt is that I am too short to ever wear this skirt with flats or even a low heel. I have to whip out my tallest heel for this skirt to make my body look longer instead of being swallowed up by the skirt.
  • Elastic Belt: RM35 (there and about)
    I love love love my Nichii belt that I can wear with ANYTHING! It is getting frayed from all the times I am using it and I am afraid that it might break soon as it is irreplaceable. I don’t see it in Nichii anymore and can’t find anything that is similarly simple, stylish & comfortable. So I am still looking out for my perfect belt. Do let me know if you know anywhere I can get one!
  • Nude pumps: RM49
    I got this super comfortable nude pumps from Taiwan & I love it! It matches all of my clothes, makes my legs look longer and even feel comfortable. Especially important for this outfit as I was standing and walking around for a few hours and also the skirt being that length, I needed something to make me look taller.