Laid Back Wednesday


This particular post, I would like to show an office outfit that will suit an everyday woman, as not everyone wants to dress up in the latest fashion everyday.

So how do you still make sure you do not look too old fashion in your easy office clothes?

First I would recommend choosing a good pair of black pants. A fitting pair of black pants is so important in everyday styling that you might want to splurge on something that will last longer and feels comfortable.

The cost of this look:

  • Top: RM69
    A good blouse is important, in fact, having many good blouses are important. I would usually throw on a nice blouse with a pair of pants if I am lazy to dress up or know I might be moving around alot on that day. I would usually choose a blouse with an interesting neckline so I can opt not to accessories and still look good.
  • Stretchable Tight Pants: RM99
    As mentioned above, having at least 1 pair of black pants is important to every wardrobe. I think this is my only black pants now and it has a casual demin look due to the brown stitches. We currently do not carry plus size pants, however, we might in the future.
  • Black Platform Heels: RM69
    I usually don’t like to wear heels if I know I have to walk comfortably with my friends, but this black heels I bought from Opera, Paradigm Mall, is so comfortable. It is made out of canvas cloth that doesn’t cut into my legs and also thick wooden heels that helps me balance instead of those thin killer heels that will usually kill me.
  • Tote bag: RM59
    Going to the office means you need to carry a few items, water bottle, scarf, even a snack box, make up and other essential stuff, so having a good medium size bag is a good choice. I like my modern tote bag which still looks structured but not too formal as to match my more laid back office look.