Holiday Blues


But the title doesn’t mean sadness k. It literally means blue. As I am choosing to show off my blue maxi dress today.

As far a vacation wear goes I usually like to wear short pants or short skirts/dresses when going on a trip to a tropical country for a vacation, but a maxi dress is so suitable to wear for a spring or early autumn time vacation as a maxi dress can cover and protect you for the wind and any sudden cold weathers.

I do also wear this maxi dress to the beach in the evening time as it doesn’t fly around in strong seaside winds and also protects me from the sun after I have taken off my thick layer of sunblock for the day.
Just need to add a hat and I am ready to go out for an early cocktail before dinner.

Maxi dresses do tend to make me look short as I am less than 5 ft tall (Should have drank more milk as a growing kid… Wait, I did, it only made my boobs bigger!)
As a shortie, I usually have to choose a shorted maxi dress that covers 3 quarter of my legs rather than a full maxi as I would need to wear heels to carry that off. So you can also see if you can pull off a full maxi or you need to alter it to be shorter just like me.

The cost of this look:

  • Dress: RM209
    I have actually featured this dress in a peplum look in an earlier post.
    This is actually a multiway versatile maxi  dress than I can wear in a few multiple ways. So the price is abit high, but it is like buying 4 different dresses in one.
    Plus it is really stretchable as the fabric is made out of creases that can stretch, making it un-obvious that is is being stretched.

    a dress that can be worn  multiple ways a dress that can be worn  multiple ways
  • Comfortable Slippers: RM69
    This one I got at Samba Footwear at Sunway Pyramid and they do have many designs and colours, I actually like to choose more “safe” colours for my footwear such as black or dark blue as I am always dressed up in bright coloured outfits and having footwear that can match any colour is quite convenient. But if you are the type to go for conservative coloured outfits, then do try their bright coloured slippers instead and add a pop of colour to your whole look.
  • Elastic Belt: RM35 (there and about)
    This is my favourite go to belt as it is elastic and seem to suit everything piece of clothing I have in my closet. This belt comes together with a Nichii dress I bought earlier on when I could fit into an XL dress in their store, now I just use their belt, and they do not sell it separately. I asked. Many times.
    I have found some belts which I am going to add into my store soon, and feature it in a upcoming post, so stay tuned if you are looking for a goof plus size belt!