Chic in Green


Have a fear to stand out in colour? You should then try be more daring in at a party when everyone is dressed up!
I am always more daring in with new fashions when I am in a place where everyone is trying to stand out too, and I have the chance to experiment on something more daring, as I can be shy too… sometimes.
I don’t want to be a wallflower… but I don’t think I can handle everyone staring and pointing at me either.

Moving forward..
I think this dress is the perfect dress to wear for an outdoor garden wedding, and I was right!
So wonderful how the wooden deco compliment my outfit me while I pose for photos.
Stay clear of the green bushes though..

Do try out different tones of green when choosing such a special colour as a green that suits you can actually be quite a flattering.
WARNING: This colour is definitely not for everyone though, so don’t run out and grab a green dress without trying!

The only problem with wearing this particular dress is that you have to make sure you are more careful as lace gets caught in things more easily, but the fact that it is made out of a better quality lace makes it harder to pull or get scratched. But you will still need to pick your accessories & bags more carefully.

The cost of this look:

  • Dress: RM99
    I like to wear dresses that are slightly body hugging as I am short and a looser dress will usually just swallow me up and make me look lumpy & shorter. But there are curvy women with a straighter waistline & longer legs that will look better in a looser shift dress so do try out different sizes before deciding which looks best on you.
    This particular dress I actually sold on Plusify a few months back but it has since ran out of stock you can still get something similar at Plusify but in a lighter shade of green.
  • Comfortable Wedges: RM89
    I love this pair of wedges I got from Opera Shoes at Paradigm mall. They are so comfortable I can walk and stand in them for hours. Perfect for a garden wedding as the hells do not dig into the soil, giving you better support and also ensuring that you are less likely to fall flat on your face.
  • Long Strand of Pearls: RM80
    I wanted something to stand out from the green dress and make it more classy. But choosing something with colour was either too loud or too boring, so I opted for a simple strand of white pearls which not only stood out in a good way bit made my dress look even more expensive.
    This particulate strand of pearls is handmade by me and can be worn in multiple ways, and I have already a few pre-orders from my friends who saw we wearing it.
    However I am still trying to find some nice clasp to make the necklace nore “atas” looking before producing more to sell.
  • Clutch Bag: RM80
    I did not have a matching clutch when this photo was taken so my bag has refused to be in the photo for fashion sense reasons. However, I have since hunted and found something I absolutely love which also compliments the dress.
    Classy clutch bag
    Which also comes in awesome red & black… I just can’t decide which I love more!

    DSC03717DSC03710 copy