Casual Burgandy


I love my new burgandy top, it gives me the chic rocker chick vibe, even though its hard to explain why. Only thing lacking is my dark lipsticks and leather boots so finish off this look.

Since I do not have dark red lipstick, I went with my usual bright red instead, and it still looks good!
But it got me thinking of getting a dark red lipstick for times I want to add some drama to my look. Any suggestions on which shade or brand?

The cost of this look:

  • Sleeveless Top: RM49
    Going to be available in next week, this awesome top comes in 3 sizes and many different colours, but it is running out faster than I can prepare them for the online store!
  • Mini Skirt: RM69
    Got this ribbed mini skirt at Nichii Fashion City a few years back, went back for more but they discontinued it. Fits really comfortably as it is stretchable. You might be able to get something similar from Cotton On, if they happen to have XL size at that time, but it doesn’t last as long since the material quality is not as good as Nichii.
  • Cross shoulder Sling Bag: RM55
    I love this bucket sling bag I got from ByJap at Pop@JayaOne. Quite durable, even though the material is really soft, I was worried as I usually pack my bags up quite abit. But this bag is still going strong.
  • Comfortable Slippers: RM69
    This one I got at Samba Footwear at Sunway Pyramid & I absolutely love it. I wear this pair of slippers everywhere now as it is so convenient, comfortable and still looks presentable.
  • Accessories: RM45 (there and about)
    Though it is not obvious at all, I had on my favourite hairband, a silver leaf hairband which was simple enough for the casualness of the outfit, but also compliments my casual rocker vibe.
    I also had on my silver stud earrings to match.