Boss in Red


Red has always been associated with passion, power & confidence, and that is why red is the perfect colour for a lady boss who demands respect and attention in the office.

So if I have an important presentation I need to give, I will definitely go for red or a similar bright colour so I would be that someone you would remember in a crowd.

Also introducing the famous peplum! The extra piece of fabric around the waist or hip area that sometimes looks like a tutu or a mermaid’s fins.

Still going strong as a signature piece in every office lady’s wardrobe, I really do think that this fashion statement does give an air of high status to the person wearing a peplum design. I have heard many say that they do not suit peplum but I do think it is something you must try, as there are many types of peplums out there and even I cannot carry all types of peplums as some will just turn me into a big ass hippo. However, I have found that short peplums work for me and does make my outfit appear more formal and give my dress a tailored look.

The cost of this look:

  • Statement Necklace: RM35-60
    I regret SO MUCH not putting on one with this outfit and now it looks so incomplete, but I realised my mistake too late and there was no time to go back to put one on.
    I have even photoshopped a photo to show how much better the dress would look if I had remembered to wear my accessories.
    Tada! The power of photoshop. And of course, my awesome photoshopping skills too.
    Accessories to make an outfit look awesome!
    A statement necklace with a plain dress with make a world of a difference, and do try out the accessory booths in POP@Jaya One as I have seen a few beautiful looking ones for only RM30-45 each.
  • Dress: RM209
    This is actually a multiway versatile maxi  dress than I can wear in a few multiple ways. So the price is abit high, but it is like buying 4 different dresses in one.
    Plus it is really stretchable as the fabric is made out of creases that can stretch, making it un-obvious that is is being stretched.
    So I pulled up the dress by putting a belt under and then putting another belt on top to give it a peplum look.

    a dress that can be worn  multiple waysa dress that can be worn  multiple ways
  • Scarf: RM39
    Scarves are a must for the office, especially when you do not want a cardigan or a blazer to ruin your outfit, as it can get very cold in a meeting room.
    I got this scarf from China, and even though they had many cheaper options, some even at RM10 only, I chose something more expensive as it was made out of a thicker fabric.
  • Nude pumps: RM49
    I got this super comfortable nude pumps from Taiwan & I love it! It matches all of my clothes, makes my legs look longer and even feel comfortable.
    The only thing is that instead of a seamless piece, this pair does have seams down the middle of the shoe, so I guess you pay for what you get.
    However, I do advice all office ladies to invest in a pair of nude high heels, as it will change your life!
    Do choose the correct tone of nude to match your skin tone though, as if you darker skin, a light nude might make your legs shorter instead of elongating your legs.
  • Elastic Belt: RM35 (there and about)
    May I say, it is super hard to find good belts that looks stylish, and fits my waist size. I have many belts I have bought that I just couldn’t wear as it was too tight and makes my tummy looks mushed & flabby rather than flattering my waistline.
    I use this belt that I have bought from Nichii Fashion City in Times Square, it came together with my XL size dress and was made slightly bigger to fit the XL size, so it does work with alot of my outfits. Unfortunately they do not sell these individually so I just usually use the belts that comes with their dresses instead.