Casual Burgandy

  I love my new burgandy top, it gives me the chic rocker chick vibe, even though its hard to explain why. Only thing lacking is my dark lipsticks and leather boots so finish off this look. Since I do not have dark red lipstick, I went with my usual bright red instead, and it still looks good! But it got me thinking of getting a dark red lipstick for times I want to add some drama to my look. Any suggestions on which shade or brand? The cost of this look: Sleeveless Top: RM49 Going to be available in next week, this awesome top comes in 3 sizes and many different colours, but it is running out faster than I can prepare them for the online store! Mini Skirt: RM69 Got this ribbed mini skirt at Nichii Fashion City a few years back, went back for more but they discontinued it. Fits really comfortably as it is stretchable. You might be able to get something similar from Cotton On, if they happen to have XL size at that time, but it doesn’t last as long since the material quality is not as good as Nichii. Cross shoulder Sling Bag: RM55 I […]
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Holiday Blues

But the title doesn’t mean sadness k. It literally means blue. As I am choosing to show off my blue maxi dress today. As far a vacation wear goes I usually like to wear short pants or short skirts/dresses when going on a trip to a tropical country for a vacation, but a maxi dress is so suitable to wear for a spring or early autumn time vacation as a maxi dress can cover and protect you for the wind and any sudden cold weathers. I do also wear this maxi dress to the beach in the evening time as it doesn’t fly around in strong seaside winds and also protects me from the sun after I have taken off my thick layer of sunblock for the day. Just need to add a hat and I am ready to go out for an early cocktail before dinner. Maxi dresses do tend to make me look short as I am less than 5 ft tall (Should have drank more milk as a growing kid… Wait, I did, it only made my boobs bigger!) As a shortie, I usually have to choose a shorted maxi dress that covers 3 quarter of my legs […]
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Travelling in Shift

A Shift Dress are the most comfortable and versatile dress I have ever found. I could look casual, dressed up or even formal in a shift dress just by putting on a couple of different accessories and putting on a different pair of shoes. Here you see me in my favourite springtime floral shift dress, the material is a thicker foamy material so it doesn’t show any of my fatty bumps but still give lets me show off my figure as I like to wear something that is more fitting to my body, even if it is a shift dress, making it look more like a sheath dress (For those confused: A shift & sheath dress is almost the same except that a sheath dress is more body hugging compared to a shift dress.) The cost of this look: Sunglasses: RM200 Invest in something that can protect your eyes better when you are travelling, UV is a dangerous thing since we would mostly be spending our days outdoor walking around. I bought mine from Vision Space, SS2, Petaling Jaya as they do give excellent after sales service (free cleaning and simple repairing) and they seem much more professional than other shops I have visited. Dress: […]
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