Pink Princess

This is one of my favourite go to looks for special functions as the a coral pink flair dress enables me to easily look all dressed up like a princess! The heavy thick material makes the dress flows more flatteringly on me. The cost of this look: Dress: RM129 This is a dior inspired dress with double lining that gives the flair bottom extra volume. The dress also cuts off at my lower waist so it makes my body looks longer, however the long skirt which cuts off  quite low below my knees, so I have to wear a super high heels. Accessories: RM39 + RM29 I put on a studded hairband with this dress as I wanted to feel even more feminine. Makes me feel like I am wearing a tiara! Happy Happy Princess. I have also put on a beige belt with this dress to put emphasis on my waist and give me the visual of an hourglass figure. Nude pumps: RM49 I wore my Taiwan bought nude pumps again, which is comfortable enough to last me the whole night despite the heigh. Remember to choose the correct tone of nude to match your skin tone though, as […]
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Rhinestone Glam

To be honest, I am never a fan of rhinestones sewn onto my clothes, as it can be so easily tacky and cheap. But I do have a couple in my closet that I think was done just nice to look…. good. I have one black top I bought from Nichii which I absolutely adore which had assorted rhinestones only at one side of the shoulder. So chic. I have never been attracted to any other rhinestone pieces, except for this pretty dress! As you can see the dress is decorated with clean rhinestones, giving the dress a look of being a premium piece instead of it being thrown into a rhinestone washing machine and coming out with 10 different coloured stuff stuck to it at weird places. So my advice with rhinestones is to keep it classy. 1 to 2 colours (different shades is a nice touch if done correctly) and judge it by asking, will Kate Middleton wear this or will it overpower her tiara? Keep it classy, girls! The cost of this look: Dress: RM129 The blue is my favourite if all the shades as it gives off a demin look. But I opted to keep the […]
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Chic in Green

Have a fear to stand out in colour? You should then try be more daring in at a party when everyone is dressed up! I am always more daring in with new fashions when I am in a place where everyone is trying to stand out too, and I have the chance to experiment on something more daring, as I can be shy too… sometimes. I don’t want to be a wallflower… but I don’t think I can handle everyone staring and pointing at me either. Moving forward.. I think this dress is the perfect dress to wear for an outdoor garden wedding, and I was right! So wonderful how the wooden deco compliment my outfit me while I pose for photos. Stay clear of the green bushes though.. Do try out different tones of green when choosing such a special colour as a green that suits you can actually be quite a flattering. WARNING: This colour is definitely not for everyone though, so don’t run out and grab a green dress without trying! The only problem with wearing this particular dress is that you have to make sure you are more careful as lace gets caught in things more easily, but the fact […]
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